Are you an Accidental Diminisher?

Is it possible that, despite good intentions, you’ve been accidentally diminishing the people on your team?

In our research, we were surprised to discover how few Diminishers understood the restrictive impact they were having on others. Most had moved into management having been praised for their personal, and often intellectual, merit. They had assumed their role as boss was to have the answers. Others, once had the mind of a Multiplier, but after working among Diminishers for so long, they had gone native. Accidental or not, the impact on the team is same – they might be getting only ½ of the true brainpower of their team.

Take 5 minutes and find out. Choose the quiz that most reflects the environment in which you work.

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In this quiz, you’ll find research and vivid examples focused on business institutions. Take this quiz if you’re more interested in how Multipliers operate in educational institutions.