Interview with a Multiplier Leader: Ken Fenoglio, VP of AT&T University

By Karina Wilhelms
October 24th, 2017


This year, the overwhelming majority of votes for a Multiplier leader in the business/corporate sector went to Ken Fenoglio, Vice President of AT&T University. It was exciting to see how many people at AT&T wanted to demonstrate their support for this inspiring leader in their company and share his example with others.

Here’s what his nominator had to say about him:

“Ken Fenoglio was a Multiplier before Multipliers were cool. Early on, Ken learned that amplifying others’ brainpower was more effective than having all the answers. As he progressed through corporate ranks, Ken honed Read the rest

Interview with a Multiplier Leader: Dr. Erum Shahzad, Assistant Principal MHS Texas

By Karina Wilhelms
October 24th, 2017


Dr. Erum Shahzad is one of those rare people who attended high school, taught high school and now is a leader – all at the same school! Dr. Shahzad is an Assistant Principal at Marcus Ninth Grade Campus, Lewisville Indpendent School District, located in Flower Mound, Texas.

Here’s what her nominator had to say about her:

“Dr. Shahzad is an unparalleled Liberator. She has a calming leadership style which yields trust from myself and other educators when working with her. With this, we take risks in our work with students, bringing innovation to education Read the rest

Want to truly help your team? Stop rescuing them!

By Jon Haverly
Originally Posted on
Oct 23rd, 2017


Hello, my name is Jon, and I am a Recovering Rescuer.

Do you have the reputation of consistently being the hero who jumps in and saves the day? When someone on your team brings you a problem, do you assume you need to take ownership for resolving the issue? Do you ensure your team is on the path to success by paving it for them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a fellow Rescuer.

We commonly heap praise, recognition and promotions on leaders … Read the rest

Leadership Strategies for Attracting Top Talent in Government

By Jon Haverly
Originally Posted on
Sept 21st, 2017

With the retirement rates across government continuing to increase, surveys show that recruiting and retaining qualified personnel is one of the most important issues facing government human resources managers today. While attracting top talent is typically seen as a function of human resource departments, managers and leaders also play a critical role in attracting talent to their organization.

Have you ever worked for a manager who you would follow if they left the department or organization? What is it about these leaders who consistently attract and retain top talent?

Liz … Read the rest

A True Mentor

Have you ever had a true mentor? Someone amazing, who you held the deepest, most authentic respect for – who also poured him or herself into you and your professional journey? I had that once – a person whose ideas about the world, the workplace, and me who not only shaped me professionally, but who played a vital role in the creation of the book Multipliers. It was something that he said about me that sparked the question core to the Multipliers research of why some people become smarter, even brilliant, around a great manager. My mentor has since died, … Read the rest

Want More Engaged Employees? Stop Being Such An Optimist

By Karen Tiber Leland President, Sterling Marketing Group
Originally Posted on
May 30th, 2017

CREDIT: Getty Images

A decade of research shows why a sunny outlook may not be the best way to lead.

Decades ago, when I was just beginning my journey as a management consultant, I had the good fortune to work with Liz Wiseman, who at the time was the Director of Learning and Development for Oracle. Since then she has gone on to found The Wiseman Group and author several best-selling books including the newly released 2nd edition of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone SmarterRead the rest

Liz Wiseman’s 5 Secrets To Make Your Team Smarter

By Kevin Kruse
Originally Posted on
May 17th, 2017

What are the five secrets to unleashing the genius in others?

Have you had that boss that you would fear to throw ideas at? A leader that sucked all the energy out of the room, and always seemed to engage in a battle of the wits? You aren’t alone. There are several ways bosses, and even ourselves, can engage in behavior that leaves our team to feel diminished. But there are ways around it.

Liz Wiseman worked at Oracle for 17 years, is one of the Top 10 Leadership Thinkers … Read the rest

Why Moms Make Better Bosses

By Liz Wiseman
Originally Posted on
May 14th, 2017

A senior executive I worked with confessed one of his hiring secrets to me: When it came to the key management jobs on his team, he almost exclusively hired parents. He claimed, “They tend to have a certain wisdom you gain by raising children.”

While parenting certainly isn’t the only way to gain management wisdom, his observation has merit. In my research studying the best business managers, I, too, have noticed an interesting crossover—their leadership profile is remarkably similar to that of great parents: Both set high expectations, offer stretch … Read the rest

Accountability: The Path to Getting Things Done

By Yolanda Elliott, Master Multiplier Practitioner,
April 10th, 2017


We all want to be Multiplier leaders. But there are times that even when we are legitimately doing our best to lead, those we manage still are not getting the job done.
Throughout my years of working with managers and leaders, I have been presented with the question, “How do you deal with people who do not want to do their work?”

In response, I try to spark curiosity and question asking in the manager, such as:

• Have the goals, expectations and outcomes been stated with enough clarity? And, are … Read the rest

Get Your “Rookie Smarts” On: Liz Wiseman and Buddy Valastro at RootsTech 2017

Originally Posted on
February 16th, 2017


Think of a time when you were a rookie. What happened? How did you operate? What did you do when you didn’t know what to do? What were your aspirations? Liz Wiseman, author of Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work, asked us these questions during her keynote address at the Innovator Summit portion of RootsTech 2017. Straight out of business school, Liz found herself a rookie in a fast growing company named Oracle. She had to learn fast and soon found herself heading Oracle University. Years later, … Read the rest