How To Get Ahead At Work And Stay Happy: Liz Wiseman’s Interview On Fox Business

October 13th, 2015

Liz Wiseman stopped by Fox Business and Fox and Friends last week to discuss the Randstad survey on job satisfaction.

The Randstad study surveyed 11,000 workers and states that:
26% Left job due to lack of advancement.
23% Blamed low pay.
19% Left due to poor leadership.

Liz spoke with Fox and Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on how to get ahead at work and stay happy!

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That was really smart about using your chips sparingly, that is, speaking only when there is something of real value to share. When it comes to business and attention, it’s not the quantity of contribution but the quality. Too often people shout when they should whisper — because it is worthy of others going out of their way to listen.

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