Meet the 2012 Education Multiplier of the Year, Erik Burmeister, Hillview Middle School

Erik Burmeister, principal of the Hillview Middle School in Menlo Park, was honored as the 2012 Education Multiplier of the Year in recognition of his ability to amplify the intelligence and capabilities of people around him.  Erik’s leadership style reflects the key Multiplier principal of being a “genius maker” by tapping into the collective intelligence of the teachers and staff to create a nimble organization and environment of innovation.

The Multiplier of the Year award is sponsored annually by The Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development center headquartered in Silicon Valley.  Erik was selected from dozens of nominees in K-12 and higher education based upon his demonstrated ability to channel the intelligence, talent and creativity of his staff.

“The word ‘multiplier’ is perfect to describe Erik’s leadership, except I’d use a hefty exponent on top of that to explain his positive impact on students, staff, parents, Hillview, and the MPCSD Community,” said Dr. Maurice Ghysels, superintendent of the Menlo Park Community School District.  Nancy Marsh, the teacher who nominated Erik, adds, “He has created an environment where teachers feel valued and want to share their ideas.  Erik is always open to input.  As a result, the overall enthusiasm and creativity at Hillview has skyrocketed this year.”

Erik Burmeister was honored at a special reception at the Hillview Middle School on Wednesday, March 6, 2013.  Wiseman Group president Liz Wiseman, best-selling author, speaker and executive advisor, presented Erik with his award.

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