Multiplier of the Year Award Winners

2013 Award Winners

Business/Corporate Award Winner

Karin Hurt

Company: Verizon Wireless
Job Title: Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community Partnerships

Karin exemplifies the liberator and investor characteristics in both her professional and personal environment. Two years ago, Karin was recruited to lead the outsource strategy for her company. This role was stacked with challenges from poor results, low morale, and split perceptions of outsourcing to a lack of internal talent to impact change. Karin was the defining change that the organization required. What makes Karin a multiplier is her natural, authentic leadership. Karin believes that people should “skip to work.” She encourages this belief with her high, positive energy. Her energy invites creativity, and innovation and communicates that everyone’s contribution is important. Every idea that was presented to Karin was acknowledged and considered, and many of them were piloted or implemented.

Education Award Winner

Alyssa Gallagher

Company: Los Altos School District – (Los Altos, CA)
Job Title: Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community Partnerships

Alyssa Gallagher is a Multiplier in every sense of the concept. Alyssa works with her colleagues to help them understand they can accomplish far beyond initial expectations. She instinctively employs many of the approaches of a true leader and enables others to succeed. She deftly asks the right questions to assist leaders in our school district. There has never been a colleague with whom I have appreciated and enjoyed working more than Alyssa. It’s truly magical.