Multiplier of the Year Award Winners

2014 Award Winners

Business/Corporate Award Winner

Susan Brown

Company: Banana Republic
Job Title: VP of Stores, U.S., Banana Republic

“The retail industry is fast paced, high pressure and notorious for a Diminisher style of leadership; think “Devil Wears Prada.” Managers can be so passionate about the look of their stores, that they often fall into micro-manager mode; sometimes down to how to fold a sweater! For this reason, Susan stands out as a bright spot in how she leads. She is a true Liberator, allowing others the space to innovate and empowering people to ‘take the brakes off and allow them to go as fast as they can.’”

Education Award Winner

Judy Levinsohni

Company: Orange County Department of Education
Job Title: Manager of the Institute for Leadership Development

“Judy exemplifies the Multiplier mindset in all of the five disciplines, however, she most exemplifies the challenger. Judy assumes that everyone who works with her is smart and welcomes a challenge. She goes through her day seeding opportunities for us to nurture and grow. We are driven to excellence by the confidence she shows in our abilities. Judy ensures that we know where we are headed and then she stands back and cheers us to victory. Judy challenges us to exceed expectations.”