Multiplier of the Year Award Winners

2015 Award Winners

Business/Corporate Award Winner

Michael Fishoff

Company: Wilton Brands, LLC.
Job Title: CFO, Wilton Brands

“Get to know Michael and what will surface about him very quickly is that he fosters a very productive work environment! Michael does not operate with an Org chart. His people don’t need permission to speak or think differently. His team generates an intensity that demands high-level work from all, but he also has a high tolerance for mistakes and understands the importance of “learning” along the way, creating mental spaces for everyone he interacts with to flourish. I have worked with a number of C level senior executives across my 30+ year career and Michael is the best I have seen at that level establishing an environment of safety while at the same time challenging people to bring their best. Michael uses humor to neutralize high stress situations to allow people to be transparent about both things that are going well and things that are presenting challenges.’”

Education Award Winner

Patricia Girardi

School District: Redwood City School District
Job Title: Principal, RCSD

“Trish hires good people, deploys them where they can make their best contributions, and helps them find what they need for success. She shines a spotlight on the talent that she magnetically attracts to the school, giving ownership for end goals, challenging us to use our creativity and ingenuity in finding our way there. She creates an intense environment that requires our best thinking and work. API scores have increased, 119 points in 5 years. Her leadership has unlocked the genius in us all! Since she became Principal, Roosevelt has won the Russell J. Kent Award, 2009, 2012, and 2014, Boyajian Honored Teacher Award, 2011, PIA Hero Award 2010, SMCRA Celebrate Literacy Award, 2012, and in 2013, SMC Teacher of the Year, SMCRA Literacy Award, CSBA Golden Bell, and Biz World Champions.’”