Multiplier of the Year Award Winners

2016 Award Winners

Business/Corporate Award Winner

Ken Fenoglio

Company: AT&T University, Dallas, Texas
Job Title: Vice President

“Ken was a Multiplier before Multipliers were cool. Early on, Ken learned that amplifying others’ brainpower was more effective than having all the answers. As he progressed through the corporate ranks, Ken honed all the disciplines that are hallmarks of a Multiplier. Today, whether he’s freeing executives to have a vigorous debate or cultivating hidden talent, Ken inspires thousands of employees. The result is a world-class corporate university that fosters a culture of continuous learning.”

Education/Non-Profit Award Winner

Dr. Erum Shahzad

School: Marcus High School Ninth Grade Campus, Flower Mound, Texas
Job Title: Assistant Principal

“Dr. Erum Shahzad is an unparalleled Liberator! She has a calming leadership style which yields trust from myself and other educators when working with her. With this, we take risks in our work with students, bringing innovation to education in order to keep public school relevant to students and parents. Dr. Shahzad is adept at bringing out the best in others; I have flourished since working with her – starting a parent education program and even returning to college to pursue my principal certification. Her humble, trusting leadership style motivates others to be more than they ever knew they could be!”

Military/Government Award Winner

Mark “Kaiser” Schmidt

Department: United States Air Force
Job Title: Lieutenant Colonel, USAF

“Lt Col Mark ‘Kaiser’ Schmidt, USAF, is the epitome of a military Multiplier. As a commander, Kaiser created a positive work environment that questioned the status quo, welcomed bottom-up feedback, and purposely developed young leaders. His influence and leadership stretches the minds and capabilities of his people. As a Challenger, he seeks opportunities to grow others up and down his chain of command. The service’s top leaders now propagate his leader development program throughout the force.”