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I just finished the book today. It was a fantastic read!! Talk about a book that spoke to me. Of course, I do work for an Accidental Diminisher, so I do feel a great challenge ahead! I will attempt to be a multiplier in spite of this situation though just as your book recommends. I hope to leverage the key concepts from your book and apply them to make a difference! As most, I recognize that I work with truly talented people. I also realize that our Company is likely getting 50-70% of their best for various reasons. The common “tactic” to handle getting more done is to “throw more people at it”. I look forward to trying to get 100% out of those we have today instead of the default paradigm of “adding FTEs”. I really appreciate the true genius of your book! It’s time for me to go and start some intellectual debating….


I own an audio version of the book. I would LOVE to have a print version of compilation of chapter summaries for reference. Is there something like that available?


Read the book and did the quiz now , I’m an accidental diminisher :-(.

Will recommend book to all CEO’s and CEO’s in training !


Wow, all this time I thought I was helping them and it’s no wonder they pull away from me…. just amazing, I have the audio book and would also like information in the reference section of the book, I know it makes reference to it what do I need to do. Purchased it with audible clicks

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