Are you an Accidental Diminisher?

Is it possible that despite good intentions you’ve been accidentally diminishing the people on your team?

After analyzing data from more than 200 leaders across 4 continents, our research shows that most managers underestimate how widely employees’ talent is underutilized. Many people move into management because of their personal – and often intellectual – merit, and thus assume their role as boss is to have the best ideas. Others once had the mind of a Multiplier, but have been working among Diminishers for so long, they have become Diminishers themselves. Accidental or not, the impact on their team is the same – Diminishers only get ½ of the true brainpower of their people.

How might we, with the very best intentions, have a diminishing impact on the people we lead? Take the quiz below to see if you are exhibiting some Accidental Diminisher behaviors.

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