My Gratitude / Your Genius

It was almost a year ago that I finished writing the acknowledgements for Multipliers, sent it off to Harper Business and checked it off my list of things to do. Those acknowledgements reflect our deep gratitude for the myriads of people who contributed time and talent to produce Multipliers.

But, our work to get the Multipliers message out into the world continues to be fueled and accelerated by the contributions of friends, colleagues, readers, and influential thought leaders who have generously amplified the message. As tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S., allow me to pause and express gratitude for those who are carrying the message forward.

The Little Book that Could. Last week when I met with Hollis Heimbouch, our publisher extraordinaire, she told me how pleased the team at Harper Business is with Multipliers. She and her team refer to it as “the little book that could” attributing its success to a good idea coupled with phenomenal grass roots support from readers.

It has been deeply rewarding to watch how the readers are multiplying the strength of the message and giving momentum to this book.

Collective Genius in Action. The momentum began by getting initial attention for the book for which we have Mark and Puja at Fortier PR and their magic to thank. But many business books gain initial attention and then fade away. Fortunately, we had the team of geniuses at ntropic who gave us a brilliant book trailer that far exceeded anything we could have produced (or funded) on our own and enabled people to share the message with others. And, Amy and her team at Larsen and the team at HotCoco built a website that allowed people to further explore the ideas and connect with us and other members of a growing community.

Each of these professional teams gave the book its start, but the acceleration came as a result of hundreds, even thousands of people sharing the ideas. Daily, we receive email from readers who have been personally impacted by the ideas. But most don’t just stop there. They blog and tweet; they buy a round of books for their management team; they advocate inside their organizations with the aspiration of creating a Multiplier organization. These champions have built the momentum.

The Little Book that Did. So, to our colleagues, friends, and readers, thank you for sharing this journey with us and for sharing these ideas with others. If the “little book that could” becomes “the little book that did,” we have many, many people to thank. It is certainly our hope that this little yellow book helps put an end to diminishing leadership and inspires a generation of leaders to engage all the intelligence we have in addressing our greatest challenges.

With much thanks,


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