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The Shadow Diminisher

Shadow Diminisher

By Rob DeLange, Master Multiplier Practitioner
Aug 1st, 2016

Shadow Diminisher

Most of us have experienced two very different types of leaders: Multipliers (leaders who make the people around them smarter and more capable) and Diminishers (those who believe that they are perpetually smarter than others and thereby squash the intelligence of those they lead). Liz Wiseman showed in Multipliers that when people managers embrace the mindset and practices of the Multiplier, they get vastly superior results from their people.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where Diminishers seem to outnumber the Multipliers, which is why so many people are looking beyond … Read the rest

Using Diversity to Drive Better Decisions: A Case Study from The Connecticut Department of Transportation


By Jon Haverly, Master Practitioner for The Wiseman Group
June 7th, 2016


When faced with making a critical decision that needs to be executed on quickly, the best leaders tap into the collective intelligence around them. We call these Multiplier leaders “Debate Makers”. To accomplish this, Debate Makers will engage experts on the particular topic to participate in the decision-making process through structured debate. They begin by framing a question and providing ample time for participants to gather data and prepare their opening position. During the debate, these leaders will drive a rigorous discussion by having participants explore the question … Read the rest

How to Convince a Hiring Manager You’re Qualified for a Job…Even if You’re Not

will ferrell

By Liz Wiseman
Originally Posted on
June 1st, 2016

will ferrell

Changing careers can feel daunting, especially the notion of trading in our hard-won competence for that feeling of re-found incompetence. While it’s easy to stick to jobs where we have mastery, is it possible that we can be at our best when we know the very least?

Surely you remember that feeling of being in over your head, tasked with something important and hard, and doing it for the first time. For me, I was just 24 years old when I was told I would be managing the training department … Read the rest

Labeling the Native Genius

Native Genius Tag

By Yolanda Elliott
April 27th, 2016

Have you heard the phrase “Fish discover water last”? Discovering our native genius works the same way. Our native genius is so natural to us that we may not even recognize our own capabilities. We define native genius as something you do easily and freely – meaning you aren’t necessarily aware of it and you don’t often have to think about it.

I remember the day my own native genius was labeled by a colleague. Our team was discussing an interesting opportunity that we wanted to pursue. We had laid out some preliminary work … Read the rest

The 2015 Multiplier of the Year Awards


April 4th, 2016

Each November, we invite people to nominate a Multiplier leader that they know for the Multiplier of the Year Award. One of the categories is business and the other, education. In their nomination, they mention why they are nominating this leader and how this person has helped to Multiply the genius in the company and/or community.

This year we had close to 90 nominees from all around the world! After the selection is made for the finalists, we put the vote out to our audience of Multipliers via social media and the Multipliers website. We received over … Read the rest

FREE Autographed Book – Liz Wiseman On The Finding Mastery Podcast


February 19th, 2016

(Please note, as of 3/31 the contest has ended, but please feel free to listen to the podcast and take the quiz.)

This week, Liz Wiseman sat down with Michael Gervais, a high performance psychologist working with the Seattle Seahawks, as well as host of the Finding Mastery Podcast. This is an extremely unique interview with Liz Wiseman, as she discusses her childhood, how her journey towards Multipliers and Rookie Smarts began, and shares personal stories of growth and leadership.

As a thank you gesture for taking the time to listen to the entire 1.5 hour … Read the rest

Here’s the Leadership Strategy Nike’s CEO Uses to Make Employees Smarter

Nike CEO

November 14th, 2015

Nike is no stranger to Multipliers leadership. As a client of The Wiseman Group since 2011, it’s thrilling to see the lasting impact and success Multipliers can have when it’s infused into the leadership culture of an organization.

In 2013, Casey Lehner, Global Design Operations Director for Nike, won the Multiplier of the Year Award for business. When she was nominated, her co-workers said, “Casey empowers us to lean into the tension, take risks and iterate. Because she believes we are capable, we believe we are capable.” Almost three year later, Multipliers remains an extremely important part … Read the rest

Important Leadership Lessons – An Interview With Liz Wiseman by John Mattone


November 7th, 2015

Last week, Liz Wiseman was interviewed by John Mattone as a part of the Expert Interview Series. The following is an excerpt from the article:

“We recently asked Liz Wiseman, best-selling author of Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work and Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, about her leadership philosophy. She said that the leader’s job is to focus the capability of the organization and set the challenge, adding that the best leaders bring out the best in others by creating an environment where people can contribute fully … Read the rest

How To Get Ahead At Work And Stay Happy: Liz Wiseman’s Interview On Fox Business

October 13th, 2015

Liz Wiseman stopped by Fox Business and Fox and Friends last week to discuss the Randstad survey on job satisfaction.

The Randstad study surveyed 11,000 workers and states that:
26% Left job due to lack of advancement.
23% Blamed low pay.
19% Left due to poor leadership.

Liz spoke with Fox and Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on how to get ahead at work and stay happy!

2014 Multiplier of the Year Winners: Leadership Insights


This February, The Wiseman Group concluded the prestigious 2014 Multiplier of the Year Award.

Now, for the first time in the history of the award, we are proud to present Multiplier of the Year Leadership Insights, two leadership essays written by the winners of this year’s contest.

These two captivating and passionate expositions, written by Susan Brown and Judy Levinsohn, are guaranteed to resonate not only with successful leaders, but help to provide insight for anyone on their own leadership journey.

Susan Brown - 2014 Multiplier of the Year Business DSC_1553 - Version 2

(Left) Business Winner: Susan Goss Brown, VP of Stores, U.S., Banana Republic
(Right) Education Winner: Judy Levinsohn,
Read the rest