The Accidental Diminisher Poster Download

Over the past several months we have received an incredible amount of interest surrounding the Accidental Diminisher Infographic. People want to know where they can get a copy to print and hang on their office wall!

Click the link below to download and print the 11×17 Accidental Diminisher Poster.


Download a PDF of the Accidental Diminisher Infographic Poster here.


Rights should be right | The Proto Star

[…] One of my concerns in this issue is that “Are men being washed away in the name of equal rights ?”. I mean that inorder to stick with equal rights, does women forget to treat men as an individual. To give you more idea of what I’m talking, I will talk about a scenario. There is a family. There is a man. There is a woman. The relationship between the both could be anything, parent & child, husband & wife (or) brother & sister. While the woman inorder to stick with the right to pursue career, might inturn diminish the confidence of the man. The woman might become an accidental diminisher. […]

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